What is Nailless box ?

Nailless Box - Lightpack Series

Nailless Box is made of plywood collapsible box. This box does not have any nail for stitching sides. Thats why it is called as Nailless box or no nail box.

Our Nailless Box assemble in few seconds.

We Specialize in manufacturing of Nailless boxes. Our boxes are sturdy, stackable, Store-able, shippable, and meets ISPM 15 export requirements. You can also reuse them over and over.

Freedom from injuries

Zero nails Used.

  • You Don't have to worry about getting injured from nails.
  • The assembly is carried out without additional materials (nails, screws) with one hammer.
  • The number of bending cycles of the brackets reaches 40-70 times
Saves great amount of space because

Nailless boxes are Collapsible

  • Fast & easy to disassemble & assemble.
  • Also with full or partial disassembly of the box you can remove the goods.
  • When assembled, the boxes are easily stacked in several tiers.
  • removal of goods from the Nailless box is possible from above.
Requires much less space for storage.

Better Than traditional Boxes

  • Lightpack box can be easily moved & stored
  • Lightpack box are about 35% to 45% light.
  • Lightpack box saves about 30% to 45% your time for packaging.
  • Lightpack box are ISPM15 Compliance.
  • It does not Require Fumigation
Beats Traditional box at Quality

Very easy to handle

  • Lightpack Boxes comes with Different Types of Handles for ease of use.
  • Also, Each One Side Piece is Whole Plywood. No Joints. That Makes it Weather Proof.
  • Strong handles capable of carrying much higher weight than traditional wooden box.
  • Lightpack Boxes can be Reused.

how we create amazing products

Production & Quality

We Produce Products using the finest quality raw materials implementing latest quality standards with state of the art infrastructure, which has enabled us to obtain the best quality, sturdiness, optimum load-bearing capacity, termite-proof and moisture-resistant products.

We have major sister company for direct import of pine wood from European Countries, and best quality plywood from Foreign and also best quality Indian manufacturer, which has given us good control over raw material stocking, quality & best competitive rates in the industries with heat treatment as per ISPM-15 standard.

Own production

Only Skilled & qualified specialists.

High quality

We use only high-quality materials for the manufacture of boxes.

High production speed

We don't waste time.

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